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Gluten Free Vegan Burger Pattie


Tasty gluten-free veggie pattie. No preservatives, meats, dairy or soy. Low-fat, nutritious, ready-to-eat. Great for diverse diets.

Looking to serve up great tasting gluten free food?
Our gluten free vegie burger pattie gives new meaning to gluten free products. No need to compromise on taste and texture and plenty of scope to be creative with your menu to please celiacs, vegetarians, vegans and the meat-lovers!
We make our Gluten Free Vegie pattie by blending nine different vegies with other real ingredients and spices to provide a colourful, fresh tasting and nutritious product. The product is ready-to-heat making it quick and easy to prepare great tasting and healthy snacks or meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
It contains no added sugar, preservatives and is gluten, meat, egg, dairy and soy free. As well as being low in fat, saturated fat and sugar, the gluten free vegie burger pattie contains a standard serve of vegies and lots of veg variety which is important for a well balanced diet.
Combine the Gluten Free Vegie burger pattie with fresh salads and condiments in a gluten free bun or create amazing stacks using the burger as a base and topping it with your favourite sauce, onions, mushrooms and lots more!


Burgers, Mini-Burgers, Sliders, Bites


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