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Overcoming Challenges in the Food Services Industry

3 Tier Food Services understands the issues businesses in the food service industry go through, from working long hours, inconsistent sales, the staff suddenly wanting time off or resigning and stock wastage. All these issues usually would be a slight challenge to solve. However, today things have changed, and you’re not solving one but multiple challenges.

The biggest challenge the food services industry faces in many cafes, restaurants, hospitals, aged care, and catering facilities is the lack of time and resources. Unfortunately, the consequence is owners and managers are overworked, tired and exhausted, having to spend extra long hours preparing meals, filling in for staff absences, and having little time to focus on improving the business.

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Enhancing Your Food Business

3 Tier Food Services have worked hard to create a series of food service solutions. From a diverse and unique range of gourmet ready-to-serve food products to sales and marketing services to help you resolve some of those day-to-day headaches, with the goal to help you improve your operation and profitability.

Our delicious gourmet food product range is vast, with access to thousands of product items chosen for the simplicity of serving and reheating to serve. The gourmet food range for food services covers dessert cakes, cupcakes, individual cakes, cake slices and slabs, breads, patisseries, quiches, filos and frittatas, fresh pastas, pies, vegan burgers, smoked meats, pizzas bases, catering savoury, protein balls, vegan, organic, gluten-free, dairy-free and much more. The vast range available means you can offer unique products to differentiate between the cafe/restaurant next door.

Our Delivery Areas

Our refrigerated van and customer service drivers cover the following areas: West Gippsland, South Gippsland, Bass Coast, Central Victoria, Tasmania and Melbourne Metro.

If we aren’t delivering to your location, please let us know so we can make alternative arrangements to help you. Call us now to see how we can help you

Need help in planning that next function?

Catering for Functions

Are you a catering for a function and looking for reliable and delectable options for your next event? Our extensive selection of both savoury and sweet items are perfectly designed to make catering your next event a breeze.

Choose from a variety of party-sized filos, quiches, pies, and vegetarian bites for a well-rounded menu. In need of sweet treats? We offer a range of slab cakes and slices, petite cakes, and large cakes to delight your guests.

Let us know that your order is for an event and we’ll assist you with planning and quantities. Trust in our quality products to make your catering stand out!

Streamlined Ordering with 3 Tier Food Services: Convenience and Efficiency

We recognise that our customers lead busy lives, and finding the time to place orders can be challenging. To make this process easier, we offer multiple convenient ordering methods. You can choose from scheduled calls where we reach out to you, or you can call or text us at your convenience.

We also provide a customised ordering platform – Peach Online.

Ordering Made Easy

Peach Online portal is unique in that you can search for products based on categories, and keywords to place orders, view available stock, view ingredients of products, allergens, invoices and payments. The most prominent time-saving feature is the ability to order using a pantry list. The pantry list feature means that all you need to do is enter the qty you need and submit the order… it’s that easy!

These diverse options ensure that, despite your busy schedule, ordering from us is always seamless.

Boost Your Business with Expert Marketing and Sales Support

Your business’s most critical activity is marketing and then sales. If you’re not focused on marketing (online and offline), then you won’t have people coming in the door, which means low sales and poor cash flow.

Get help to take your business to the next level. Call our business professionals now and they will work with you to create an action plan to maximise and harness those areas for business growth. Our team will utilise a unique approach to help your business develop, prioritise strategies and implement tools and tactics so that you can streamline, innovate and maximise your business’s full potential.

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