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3 TiER: The Ultimate Partner for Your Food Service Needs

Wholesale Food Distributors Melbourne

3 Tier Food Services, among the top wholesale food distributors in Melbourne, offers a vast range of gourmet ready-to-serve food products, time-saving ordering methods, and expert marketing and sales support to help businesses overcome daily challenges in the food service industry. Their diverse offerings include desserts, breads, pastries, quiches, pastas, pies, and various dietary options. With reliable delivery and personalized assistance, 3 Tier Food Services simplifies operations and boosts profitability for cafes, restaurants, hospitals, aged care, and catering facilities in Melbourne and beyond.

Retail Food Distribution

3 Tier Food Services’ Retail Division specializes in assisting manufacturers in introducing their gourmet food products to independent retail grocery stores. They provide comprehensive support, including packaging design, barcode generation, and merchandising strategies. By leveraging their industry expertise and tailored solutions, 3 Tier Food Services empowers manufacturers to successfully launch and promote their products in a competitive market, ensuring optimal shelf presence and increased sales potential for a diverse range of gourmet offerings.

Sales and Marketing Services

3 Tier Food Services’ Sales and Marketing Division comprises skilled business professionals dedicated to assisting cafes and restaurants in identifying and harnessing opportunities for growth. By creating tailored action plans, they address underperforming areas and help businesses reach their full potential. Utilizing a unique approach, the team develops and prioritizes strategies while implementing tools and tactics to streamline operations and foster innovation. With 3 Tier Food Services’ expert guidance, clients can confidently maximize their business’s potential and achieve long-term success in a competitive market.

Refrigerated Logistics

3 Tier Food Services’ Refrigerated Logistics Division offers a reliable and efficient solution for gourmet food manufacturers seeking to deliver their non-competing products across various regions. With a fleet of refrigerated vans at their disposal, they ensure safe and temperature-controlled transportation to West Gippsland, South Gippsland, Bass Coast, Central Victoria, Mornington Peninsula, Tasmania, and Melbourne Metro. By partnering with 3 Tier Food Services, manufacturers can confidently expand their reach and provide their high-quality gourmet products to a wider audience, while maintaining the utmost standards in product integrity and freshness.

Hear It From Our Partners

“The staff at 3 Tier Foods are wonderful. Super friendly service and most welcoming vibe. Highly recommended to anyone...on top of putting 100% into their work they genuinely go above and beyond to give you the best advice..”
Michael Anthony
“Amazing customer service from this place. The staff on the phones were so helpful with dealing with my enquires. Delivery was spot on and the delivery man even rang to inform me it was being delivered. Product was exactly as described. Super happy customer. Thanks..”
Deirdre King
“Excellent customer service Nick went above and beyond to fulfil my order. Can't praise Nick enough for what he did, so appreciated. Cakes are beautiful and for the price and quality, my go to for cakes from now on..”
Margot Owens