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Catering Loaf Dark Rye


Dark Rye is a full flavoured, robust bread with a thick crust. The distinctive character suits full flavoured fillings and looks great on a sandwich platter.

Indulge in the savory allure of our Dark Rye Catering Loaf, a culinary masterpiece crafted for discerning palates. The robust, earthy essence of dark rye flour intertwines with a moist, dense crumb, delivering a gratifying chewiness. Adorned with a medley of seeds, each slice is a harmonious blend of flavors and textures, making it an exceptional centerpiece for any catering occasion.

Slice, Unslice

Wheat Flour(Folic Acid), Water, Rye Flour(20%), Gluten, Yeast, Iodised Salt, Malt Powder, Bread Improver(Wheat Flour, Emulsifier(471), Flour Treatment Agent(300), Enzymes), Canola Oil, Liquid Sour(Rye Flour, Water, Acetic Acid), Vinegar, Skim Milk Powder.


Contains Wheat, Rye, Soya and Milk Products

May contain traces of Sesame


800g and 1000gms


Unsliced    N/A
Sliced        15


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